Autumn astroparty
November 2-nd - Varshets

Astroparty Varshets is put through during the autumn to allow observation of the autumnal sky ...



The participants in the Astroparty in 2010 were:

• Students from "Academician Liubomir Chakalov" National High School of Mathematics and Nature Science – the city of Sofia and their teacher - Jana Kiurkchieva

• Students from "Baba Tonka" High School of Mathematics - the city of Rousse and their teachers - Diana Iordanova and Daniela Ivanova

• Students from "Ivan Vazov" School - the town of Varshets and their teacher Radka Kostadinova

Guests and speakers:

• Natasha Ivanova - "Giordano Bruno" PAOP - the city of Dimitrovgrad

• Dimitar Kokotenkov - director of "Giordano Bruno" PAOP - the city of Dimitrovgrad

• Boriana Boncheva – Sofia Astronomical Association

• Valeri Genkov – Sofia Astronomical Association

• Volodia Velkov – Sofia Astronomical Association

• Georgi Latev – Sofia Astronomical Association


Honorary guests, who welcomed the guests and participants were:

• Mrs. Ivanka Tsankova - director of the "Education and Libraries" department for the "America for Bulgaria Foundation"

• Mrs. Boriana Boncheva-Lecheva - the mayor of Varshets Municipality

• Mr. Boris Iliev - Nature Science and Ecology senior expert for Montana District Educational Inspectorate

• Mrs. Ani Angelova - Principal of "Ivan Vazov" School, the town of Varshets

The idea of a sundial was born during the World Year of Astronomy. We organized two charity performances to raise funds, but we managed to implement our project thanks to America for Bulgaria Foundation.

This autumn’s event host is the Ivan Vazov School along with the Montana District Educational Inspectorate, the astronomers from Sofia Astronomers Association, the PAOP Dimitrovgrad and other professional astronomers...

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