Autumn astroparty
November 2-nd - Varshets


This autumn’s event host is the Ivan Vazov School along with:


 • Montana District Educational Inspectorate
• the astronomers from Sofia Astronomical Association
 • Astronomers from the "Giordano Bruno" People's Astronomical Observatory and Planetarium in the city of Dimitrovgrad

and other professional astronomers.

Astroparty Varshets is put into effect thanks to the financial aid of:

• America for Bulgaria Foundation - in 2010 with its project "View of Space" - the foundation financed the purchase of NEXSTAR 5 SE Telescope - Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope with a mirror diameter D = 125 mm and a CCD camera (color video camera NexImage) and Contrast filter valued $1,625. They will provide opportunity for  the students from the school and guests to the astroparty to become a part of an observation. In addition, the Foundation funded the building of a sundial in the school yard.
The Municipality of Varshets – for a second year in a row it finances the presence of the professional astronomers
Electrostart JSCo. – joined the sponsors in 2010
"Hristo Tachev" Sole Trader - provided food for the young participants  
"Maria Marinova" Sole Trader - provided the floral decoration  
Vladi Bojilov - a young and famous Bulgarian astronomer made a donation of 15 copies of his book "Life and Universe"
The idea of a sundial was born during the World Year of Astronomy. We organized two charity performances to raise funds, but we managed to implement our project thanks to America for Bulgaria Foundation.

Astroparty Varshets is put through during the autumn to allow observation of the autumnal sky ...

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