Autumn astroparty
November 2-nd - Varshets

Astroparty Varshets is put through during the autumn to allow observation of the autumnal sky ...

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Astroparty Varshets

Astroparty Varshets has been held in the autumn for two years. The aim of the event is to expand and enrich 10 to 18 year-old students’ knowledge of Astronomy. Although we are living in a Space Age, the astronomy curriculum covered at school is rather insufficient. There are many different sources of information, such as the Internet and popular movies, but it is much more efficient for young people to learn from the best Bulgarian astronomers, who can pass the information in a professional and captivating way. And when the new knowledge is combined with observations of the night sky, then Urania, the muse of astronomy, captures the hearts and minds of young people forever.

The idea of a sundial was born during the World Year of Astronomy. We organized two charity performances to raise funds, but we managed to implement our project thanks to America for Bulgaria Foundation.

This autumn’s event host is the Ivan Vazov School along with the Montana District Educational Inspectorate, the astronomers from Sofia Astronomers Association, the PAOP Dimitrovgrad and other professional astronomers...

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