Autumn astroparty
November 2-nd - Varshets

Astroparty Varshets is put through during the autumn to allow observation of the autumnal sky ...


We present you materials from the guests, participants and hosts of Astroparty Varshets with the kind permission of the authors.

Vesselina Kalinova - Dark Matter
Nikola Karavasilev - Galaxies
Nikola Karavasilev - Peculiar galaxies
George Latev - A glimpse of heaven - 400 years after Galileo
Natasha Ivanova - Dwarf Planets
Natasha Ivanova - Fritz Zwicky and 111 years from his birth
Nadia Kiskinova - Universe through the Eyes of Hubble
Dimitar Kokotanekov-Sundials
George Latev - Star fancies
George Latev - Space exotic
Vladi Bozhilov - Are We alone in the Universe?
Ivo Dzhokin - Trip to Mars in 3D
Ivo Dzhokin - Building moveable star map and how to use it
Silvia Stoicheva - The Universe
Stiliyan Gadjev – XVII International Astronomy Olympiad
Annie Lazarova - The Moon
Georgi Latev - Star couples
The idea of a sundial was born during the World Year of Astronomy. We organized two charity performances to raise funds, but we managed to implement our project thanks to America for Bulgaria Foundation.

This autumn’s event host is the Ivan Vazov School along with the Montana District Educational Inspectorate, the astronomers from Sofia Astronomers Association, the PAOP Dimitrovgrad and other professional astronomers...

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