Autumn astroparty
November 2-nd - Varshets

Astroparty Varshets is put through during the autumn to allow observation of the autumnal sky ...

This autumn’s event host is the Ivan Vazov School along with the Montana District Educational Inspectorate, the astronomers from Sofia Astronomers Association, the PAOP Dimitrovgrad and other professional astronomers...



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The idea of a sundial was born during the World Year of Astronomy. We wanted this year to be marked not only by extracurricular activities popularizing astronomy, but also with a monument. The sundial will be used to measure time and will be a landmark for our location. Moreover, it will launch a new tradition for the graduating class to place memorial tiles around the clock. We organized two charity performances to raise funds, but the money we gathered were rather insufficient. The dream of the sundial was realized thanks to America for Bulgaria Foundation. We owe the beautiful planting around the clock to Mrs. Rossitsa Staeva and her class.

After being met with bread and salt and the sounds of the school orchestra "Defilir", we unveiled this monument, with the help of which we will measure time.

The clock’s hand is dragging along the stone steps,
Of departure sunsets, sunny smiles are flowing
And time is filled with meaning because we exist in it.
Sun bunnies measure the unknown paths of Love,
That gathered all of us today
No matter, that it will only be temporary...

Mrs. Ivanka Tsankova cut the ribbon of the clock and started a new time for the school and its students. Mr. Rumen Iliev and his students, champions in Model Rocketry, showed us by their demonstrations with models of rockets how short time and rituals can be. Despite the moist air, the models flew very beautifully through time and space and everyone enjoyed the show.

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